Monday, January 2, 2012


Dear reader(s),

 I exist! One summer vacation, one cross-country move, one semester of graduate school, and one extremely long Christmas break later, I am pleased to announce that I still am breathing and writing. Just not here. Very often. You see, I didn't have much to say. And why write when there's only words to learn, not speak?

 It was a rather silent first semester in many ways.
I do not have a background in sociology, so my first two months led to emotions slightly analogous to my first few months in France: silence. However, the language of sociology is a bit more intuitive (and anglophone), and I think that maybe, I'm picking it up. When I've made the impromptu joke about dummy variables (they're nominal and binary, after all) or Goffman (that's my backstage to you!), I have felt inordinately proud of myself. I also have an office. With a nameplate. Grad student life is a sweet gig.

Small victories. For now, know that as I learn more that sparks eco-curiosity, I will post.

 Yours eventually, Amanda

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